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  1. Beware of most internet steel building companies - Many internet steel building companies are not manufacturers or builders. They are only brokers who contract out to structural engineers, and prefab steel factories all over the US and Mexico. Most of the companies are only high pressure, boiler room type sales offices. They have infinite knowledge in high pressure sales tactics and little knowledge about steel buildings. Do you want the success of your project to hinge upon the sales knowledge of your salesman, or the knowledge of a steel building designer/builder?
  2. Internet specials, cancelled and unclaimed building deals - For the most part these do not exist. Internet specials exist because of lack of quality, or incomplete trim packages. Cancelled and unclaimed buildings don’t exist because manufacturers only build buildings that have both contracts and significant down payments. Would you walk away from your building after you put down a large sum of money? These are not specials or deals, they are red flags.
  3. "Free freight for a limited time" - We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. This is only a tactic to get you to buy quickly. Steel is heavy and isn’t transported across the country for free.
  4. Buy factory direct and cut out the middleman - The truth is we all work off of the same pricing schedule. Either you work with your local guy or the unknown voice at the other end of the line. We all get paid. If you have a question or an issue would you rather deal with your local builder or possibly have to fly 1500 miles to look someone in the eye. Personal service from a boiler room isn’t going to happen.
  5. Your building will be engineered for your local loads and stamped engineered drawings are included - This is true, usually. But what are your loads? Do you know, or know how to find out? You the buyer are ultimately responsible for this info. Snow and wind loads can vary in a five mile area. Do you think a person in Alabama is going to know the loads for Belgrade, Mt? You the owner must verify the design loads, and codes used to build your building package. If your building is built with the wrong snow, or wind load it could fail. Many TV/internet steel building companies have duped their customers into huge re-engineering fees and fat price increases due to this scam alone.
  6. Apples for Apples - If someone tries to sell you a building for a significantly lower price there is a reason. If it is too good to be true it probably is. Here are a few things to watch for; Galvalume siding/roofing vs. painted, roofing and siding thickness( the lower the gauge the better), siding/roofing finish warranties(15 vs. 45 yr),  incomplete trim packages, freight, foundation type and foundation engineering included, and proper design loads (wind and snow). What options are included? Doors, windows, insulation, venting, vapor barriers, etc. What is the quality of the options? Will the cheapest doors and windows available be okay? Make sure all these items are on your contract. Some contracts are vague for a reason. Get it all in writing before you write the check.
  7. The engineered drawings from the factory are all you need. You may also need building permits, foundation engineering, soils testing, site plans, etc. As a local builder it is our job to know what’s needed, the out of state salesman won’t.
  8. Buy a kit and save money, an instruction manual comes with the building - This may be true. What happens if you have a question along the way? Do you want to ask a salesman who probably has never set foot on a building site? We have had great success with customers, who want to erect their own building, but they usually have a few questions along the way and we are happy to answer those phone calls. We have also been known to show up on the job site to give a few tips and pointers. Do you suppose the internet person will be there for you?
  9. Pole barn vs. pre-engineered steel building - Steel versus wood is a no brainer, especially when it comes to putting wood in the ground. Pole barns are popular, inexpensive, and anyone can build them. Pole barns have a place and if it is all about the money then build one. But first here are a few things to consider;  a. Wood posts set directly in the ground have little or no resistance to rot, flood, fire, frost, or insects. b. All wood treated or not will warp, twist, and shrink with age. c. Some treated wood is poisonous and shouldn’t be used around human, and animals. d. Wood quality is very inconsistent and structural failure is more common in wood. Steel is a fully engineered product manmade to rigid specs. And is absolutely consistent. e. Most pole barns are not engineered (only the trusses), and engineered drawings are not available. f. pole barns have the lowest fire rating, higher insurance. Pole barns are prohibited in some areas and some banks will not lend for a pole barn as they may not consider them to be permanent, and often depreciate. g. pole barns are easier to insulate and finish. This is not true as you can insulate and finish a steel building to the exact same specs. as wood.   If a pole barn fits your needs and budget then do your homework, and consider steel, you may be surprised. In this age of green building a 30’ x 40’ pole barn may use up to 10 old growth trees. A steel building the same size may use 10 to 15 recycled cars.

Our Best Tip:

Give us a call, send us an email, or better yet let’s go have cup of coffee.  Tell us about yourself, and what your building needs are. Let us put a package together for you.  I am confident that we will be able to put together a building with honest pricing, high quality, and no surprises. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Conversation is free (unless you’re talking to an attorney), and there isn’t such a thing as an irrelevant question.

We know we can’t build every building; all we want is a chance to build yours.


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